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Ditch Hitch Feature and Cover of Oilfield Hub Dec 2014

Ditch Hitch, an Alberta based, family run business was recently featured in the December 2014 issue of the Oilfield Pulse, an operations-focused on-line magazine targeted at companies doing business in the oil and gas industry. Not only on the cover, the magazine targeted Ditch Hitch and the problem of vehicle recovery in an in-depth feature story. The article provides detailed coverage of the dangers inherent in vehicle recovery and the solutions offered by Ditch Hitch for safety getting vehicles unstuck from the snow or mud or wherever they may be stuck. The article describes the often times reality of needing to shock load the vehicle to get it unstuck.

Ditch Hitch is the only vehicle recovery system on the market certified by a professional engineer for shock loading. Also profiled are new products from Ditch Hitch including the Snap Trap kinetic energy diffuser for straps, Lock Rings for securing Ditch Hitch pins and the Son of a Hitch, a small vehicle recovery system for smaller trucks, quads and SUVs.


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