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Ditch Hitch Secures Further Orders from Top Energy Companies

Ditch Hitch®, the industry leader for safe vehicle recovery has confirmed two of the top ten energy companies in Canada have gone company wide with the Ditch Hitch System.


“Leaders in the energy sector are now more than ever dedicated to protecting their employees and reducing liability,” stated Vern Sparkes, CEO Ditch Hitch, “we’re extremely pleased to have secured additional orders from these major players in the oil and gas sector and look forward to a continued relationship.”

Several national oil & gas and utility companies are now mandating that all contractors, sub-contractors and or service providers utilize the use of the Ditch Hitch Safe Vehicle Recovery System or call a tow truck. “This is great news and will make the workplace a much safer place,” says Vern. 


The Ditch Hitch® is the only vehicle recovery system on the market certified by a Professional Engineer to be shock loaded. Used in conjunction with nylon recovery straps with eyelets, no metal fixtures, the Ditch Hitch eliminates the use of chains, slings with tail chains, tow ropes with hooks, shackles, trailer balls and pintle hitches etc. These items were never intended to withstand shock load forces. The Ditch Hitch System is fast becoming the industry standard for safe vehicle recovery. All companies that utilize the Ditch Hitch System have eliminated vehicle recovery incidents.

Media Contact: BTV-Business Television on behalf of Ditch Hitch®
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