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The Complete Vehicle Recovery System

Ditch Hitch is the safest engineered vehicle recovery system on the market. The Ditch Hitch system eliminates the use of dangerous metal supporting objects such as chains and trailer balls, thus, preventing injury. The system has proven to be:

    • -Practical
    • -Safe
    • -Easy to Use


Why Ditch Hitch?

Every year, people are injured, or even killed when they use traditional vehicle tow systems such as front truck tow hooks, and other equipment that is designed for towing – not recovery. There are many reports of ill-suited tow equipment dislodging and hitting equipment and people. These accidents are expensive, tragic, and avoidable if proper vehicle recovery systems are used.


Using the Ditch Hitch System is the safest way to get your vehicle out of tough situations. Fully equipped and ready for vehicle recovery, this system comes complete with 2 Ditch Hitch units, the Fuse Link Recovery Strap, a booklet of Vehicle Recovery Pre-Job Checklists, a Visi-Sleeve and a heavy duty Ditch Hitch System Carry Bag. Click below to see more information about the Ditch Hitch System components.


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Ditch Hitch