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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Ditch Hitch do?

The Ditch Hitch eliminates the use of dangerous metal supporting objects such as chains, slings with tail chains, tow ropes with hooks, shackles, trailer balls or pintle hitches for vehicle recovery.

Why is the Ditch Hitch the best product to use for vehicle recovery?

The Ditch Hitch is the only vehicle recovery tool on the market designed specifically for shock load vehicle recovery, it swivels 180 degrees to eliminate side loading. The unit only weighs 7.5lbs. The breaking strength is 69,000lbs. The wide girth of the Ditch Hitch “U” bar helps to protect the eye of the strap from premature wear and provides two pressure points instead of one. Very user friendly. Nothing else on the market can touch the Ditch Hitch for reliability, safety and performance.

Where is the Ditch Hitch made?

The Raw materials for the Ditch Hitch are made in U.S.A. All other Ditch Hitch products are made in Canada. Ditch Hitch products are produced on-shore to ensure the highest quality possible. Our quality control is second to none.

Is the Ditch Hitch certified?

Yes, the Ditch Hitch was tested and certified by a professional engineer in Calgary Alberta Canada. Professional engineer certification supersedes (is better than) CSA & Underwriters Laboratories Approvals.

Where was the Ditch Hitch tested?

Engineered testing was completed at the University of Calgary and extensive field testing was also conducted in Northern and Southern Alberta in the worst weather conditions possible. The unit was tested at +35 degrees and -55 degrees C.

What is the breaking strength of the Ditch Hitch?

69,430 LBS

Will the Ditch Hitch need to be re-certified annually?

No, the Ditch Hitch must be visually inspected before and after each use but it is engineered to withstand loads of 14,000 lbs for 1,000,000 cycles. This will not happen in your lifetime.

Is there a built in safety factor?

Yes, the safety factor is 5 to 1. The Ditch Hitch is stamped, max pull 14,000 lbs. This means 14,000 X 5 = 69,000 lbs.

What does max. pull 14,000 lbs mean?

Maximum weight of the vehicle you want to pull.

How do you tie onto the front of the stuck vehicle?

Several companies are installing receivers to the front of their trucks to mitigate this problem. If you do not have a front receiver, go rear receiver to rear receiver only. If you cannot reach the rear receiver of the vehicle, call a tow truck. Always ensure Ditch Hitch to Ditch Hitch application only!

Can i use the Ditch Hitch with a bumper mounted receiver?

Absolutely not! The Ditch Hitch can only be used with FRAME mounted receivers only.

How much does the Ditch Hitch weigh?

7.5 lbs

What is the Ditch Hitch made of?

The “U” bar and square bar are made of solid marine grade aluminum. The pins are made of specialty steel and are cadmium coated. The pins are also tethered together with stainless steel air craft cable to eliminate pin loss.

What about corrosion?

Road salts will not hurt the Ditch Hitch, the pins are cadmium coated & the pin set tether cable is plastic coated stainless steel.

Can i use chains or wire rope slings on the Ditch Hitch?

Absolutely not! Ditch Hitch “Fuse Link” nylon recovery straps only!

What about the hooks on the front of your truck?

Do not trust the frame fastened hooks on the front of the vehicle. They are only rated for approximately 4,000- 12,000 lbs. They can become very dangerous projectiles that can cause injuries or fatalities.

Do you have safe towing procedures?

Yes, we offer a Pre-Job Vehicle Recovery Checklist.

What size strap should I use?

Use the Ditch Hitch- 2”X 25’ “Fuse Link” recovery straps only.

Do you have references or a customer list?

Yes, Available upon request.

Additional advice:

Use this product Ditch Hitch to Ditch Hitch only!
Use the Ditch Hitch with FRAME mounted receivers only!
Use Ditch Hitch recovery straps only! Use Ditch Hitch pins only!

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns or are unclear in any way regarding any of the above information do not hesitate to call, please contact us at 1 866 477 2756.

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