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The Ditch Hitch system was designed by engineers to be the safest vehicle recovery system on the market. From materials to the design and function, Ditch Hitch has proven to be the best solution for getting vehicles out of tough situations.




Removable U-bar allows for use of Ditch Hitch Fuse Link Recovery Straps.

Removing the pin and sliding the Ditch Hitch’s U-bar off the stock allows you to slip a Ditch Hitch Fuse link recovery tow strap through the U-bar securely mounted to the vehicle(s). Once properly inserted into the U-bar, the towing strap is safely locked into the unit. Using the Ditch Hitch with our Ditch Hitch Fuse link strap eliminates the danger of flying metal objects while recovering a stuck vehicle.

Pivot Design


Patented Pivoting Design prevents dangerous side-loading

The U-bar swivels on a specially engineered high-tensile steel pin. The pivoting design ensures the load is always transmitted evenly from the towing strap to the recovery vehicle to eliminate side-loading. The broader surface of the U-bar helps protect the eye of the towing strap. Our patented pivoting design provides over 180º of rotation, which prevents dangerous side-loading.



Solid Aluminum construction is lighter and stronger than steel

Both the U-bar and Stock of the Ditch Hitch are composed of solid marine-grade aluminum. Due to it’s unique design, the aluminum Ditch Hitch has a greater load capacity than steel. Weighing only 7.5 lbs., the Ditch Hitch is 15% stronger and 67% lighter than an equivalent steel model. Unlike steel, the aluminum Ditch Hitch performs in extreme cold and has been field tested at -55º C.



Crafted to the Highest standards using the finest materials

The Ditch Hitch unit is precision machined to 1/1000 inch tolerances and is completely weldless and seamless. The two specially designed pins are attached together by a plastic-coated stainless steel galvanized 3/16″ aircraft cable to prevent pin loss and fumbling for loose pins. The Ditch Hitch is made in Canada and USA by certified machinists and industry professionals. The Ditch Hitch is not mass-produced. They are batch produced with the highest quality source materials.



Sound Design and Solid Construction for Unprecedented Strength

Engineer-certified, the Ditch Hitch is designed, tested, and safety-rated using a 4:1 ratio to handle Static and dynamic loads up to 19,000 lbs. The tested breaking strength is 78,000 lbs. That’s equivalent to the weight of 11 half-ton pickup trucks, or a fully loaded cement truck. The Ditch Hitch provides a simple and effective way to secure a Ditch Hitch Fuse Link recovery strap to a vehicle using a standard 2″ frame mounted hitch receiver.



All-weather materials brush off the harshest conditions

The primary components of the Ditch Hitch are made of aluminum which is impervious to corrosion from the elements. The pins are composed of galvanized, corrosion-resistance, high-tensile steel. The Ditch Hitch will provide years and years of all-weather service and will outlast the truck it’s attached to.

Nominated for Manning Award

Ditch Hitch®, the industry leader for safe vehicle recovery, has been nominated for the impressive Manning Award.
The Ditch Hitch® is the only vehicle recovery system on the market certified by a Professional Engineer to be shock loaded.

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