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Ditch Hitch vehicle recovery system is the most effective way to ensure safe towing. There are many features that allow this to be the safest engineered vehicle recovery system.
Ditch Hitch Fuse Link

  • Essential so you don’t use hooks or tail chains
  • Stretched up to 8%
  • Stores energy while stretching and releases it while pulling the vehicle

Make sure that you properly secure the Fuse Link strap to the vehicle. Adequate towing points are essential, and this is where the Ditch Hitch really proves its worth. Often a towing strap is mistakenly fixed to a tie down point on the vehicle rather than a proper recovery point, or, even worse, affixed to a hitch ball. If these break free they become dangerous projectiles.
Using the Ditch Hitch with our Ditch Hitch Fuse Link strap eliminates the danger of flying metal objects while recovering a stuck vehicle.


"We have been providing the ditch hitch to our field operations and have received excellent feedback from those who have used them. The ditch hitch provides a safe, simple and effective way for connecting a tow strap to the vehicle."

British Petroleum, Shawn Bymoen


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