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The Ditch Hitch is designed to withstand the shock load of a vehicle recovery operation

Shock load is a sudden increase of load that has a hammering effect on your equipment. Shockloading can instantly increase the load beyond the capabilities of traditional towing equipment and cause accidents.


Shock loading for vehicle recovery is when you attach the stuck vehicle and the pulling vehicle together with the nylon strap , back up to the stuck vehicle then accelerate quickly to try to ‘jerk’ the vehicle out of where it is stuck.


The Ditch Hitch is the only engineered vehicle recovery system on the market designed specifically for shock load vehicle recovery. The Ditch Hitch’s capacity range is large enough to handle loads of up to 7 tons. Where other equipment breaks and falters under extreme pressure, the Ditch Hitch stays strong. Only weighing 7.5 lbs., the Ditch Hitch is expertly engineered to withstand 78,000 lbs! The Ditch Hitch’s strength, along with its swivelling design and “U” bar shape, makes it perfect for getting vehicles out of tough situations.


The Ditch Hitch Vehicle Recovery Pre-Job Checklist and Training Video provides clear instructions for attempting a shock load vehicle recovery operation.


The Ditch Hitch Difference:

  • Swivels 180 degrees to eliminate side loading
  • Tested by professional engineers for shock load capabilities
  • Breaking point is 78,000 lbs, that’s equivalent to the weight of 11 half ton pickup trucks!


"We have been providing the ditch hitch to our field operations and have received excellent feedback from those who have used them. The ditch hitch provides a safe, simple and effective way for connecting a tow strap to the vehicle."

British Petroleum, Shawn Bymoen


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