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Every year there are thousands of reported injuries due to vehicle recovery and towing on job sites and in recreational areas. Common injuries experienced with vehicle recoveries are due to drivers, passengers or bystanders being struck by flying metal objects such as hooks, chains, or shackles used in the towing system.


Common injuries include:

  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Fractures
  • Eye and head injuries
  • Fatalities


Before the Ditch Hitch system, when a tow truck or winch was unavailable people have had to improvise with chains and straps with hooks. Many of these solutions, such as tow ropes with metal hooks, or tow straps with tail chains have been made available commercially, but they are fundamentally unsafe for vehicle recovery. The flaws with these other towing systems are numerous. Their metal weathers, fatigues and the stress is unmeasurable.


The benefits of using a safer system such as the Ditch Hitch eliminates the dangers associated with vehicle recovery. Used in conjunction with proper vehicle recovery techniques the Ditch Hitch ensures everybody arrives home safe!


"We have been providing the ditch hitch to our field operations and have received excellent feedback from those who have used them. The ditch hitch provides a safe, simple and effective way for connecting a tow strap to the vehicle."

British Petroleum, Shawn Bymoen


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