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Ditch Hitch System

The key to having one of the safest towing straps is in the quality of the recovery strap. Ditch Hitch has some of the safest towing straps on the market today. In the past, people have had to improvise with chains and mud tow straps to get vehicles out of tough situations. When towing a vehicle you must address many safety issues. Whether a vehicle is stuck in the mud or disabled in an inconvenient location, tow straps and chains provide a quick but unsafe fix. Many products on the market have proven not to use the safest towing straps but Ditch Hitch has been tested and is one of the safest vehicle recovery systems on the market.


Using the proper mud tow straps or oil field tow straps mitigates the possibility of fatal injury. Ditch Hitch eliminates the use of metal hooks and tow chains, reducing the risk of them becoming unhooked and causing injury. Often a Using the proper mud tow straps is mistakenly fixed to a tie down point on the vehicle rather than a proper recovery point. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether you are using oil field tow straps or mud tow straps to get your vehicle out, Ditch Hitch can help! It is advised to only use the Ditch Hitch fuse link recovery straps to ensure safety. A fuse link recovery straps is essential so you don’t use hooks or tail chains and it can stretch up to 8%.

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Ditch Hitch