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Ditch Hitch System In today’s society, there are many towing solutions and tow recovery straps to choose from. Knowing how to use front truck tow hooks and the right kind of straps can come in handy during stressful situations. First, you need to consider how much weight is being pulled and the angle you are recovering the vehicle from. One wrong move can cause damage to either vehicle. This is why the Ditch Hitch comes in handy. It is sold in one package with everything you will need. It is also one of the safest towing solutions on the market, tested by engineers for safety and durability. At Ditch Hitch we pride ourselves in the design of our towing solution.   The terms tow recovery strap and tow strap are often used interchangeably. These straps can be very different and used for different purposes. A tow strap is used for free-wheeling a vehicle behind another. It usually has a hook on the end and should not be used for recovering a vehicle because of the lack of stretch increasing the chance of injury. Also, do not trust the front truck tow hooks on the front of your vehicle. They are only rated for 4000-12000 lbs. They can become very dangerous and cause injury. Make sure to use the Ditch Hitch system and tow recovery strap to ensure the job is done right!

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Ditch Hitch