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Some of our Favorite Testimonials to Date!

We have been providing the ditch hitch to our field operations and have received excellent feedback from those who have used them. The ditch hitch provides a safe,
simple and effective way for connecting a tow strap to the vehicle.

British Petroleum, Shawn Bymoen

We now carry the Ditch Hitch in all our Peace Country Business unit vehicles, and with the addition of a specific procedure on where, when and how the Ditch Hitch is to be used we have all but eliminated “Towing Related” incidents.

Encana, Client

ATCO Electric fully implemented our new vehicle recovery system midway through 2009.
This includes the use of Ditch Hitch assembly on all our Class 1- 3, or light duty trucks,
up to 6350 kg GVWR . Our assemblies are now designed to have the 2 ” synthetic strap
as the “fuse link”, designed to break in case of a mechanical overload. This will prevent
other parts of the recovery assembly (i.e. hitch receiver assembly, closed eyes, various
recovery points) from being damaged. To my knowledge to date we have not had an
incident involving injury or damage to equipment since we implemented the use of the
Ditch Hitch. It’s a great system and our staff have been very receptive to it’s
implementation. Way to go Ditch Hitch!

ATCO Electric, Warren Lougheed

The Ditch Hitch is truly by far the safest recovery system that I have seen to date. The safety features and ratings you have engineered into this product are exceptional and I would recommend this product to anyone who would ever require to be towed.

Nexen, Client

My name is Alan Fritz. I’m Health, Safety and Environment Manager for Birchcliff Energy Ltd. We are an intermediate upstream E&P company with our corporate offices located in Calgary, Alberta.
Over the past 8 years, I have implemented Ditch Hitch into our field operations for Husky Energy, Highpine Oil & Gas, and now Birchcliff. Since we began using the Ditch Hitch, our towing related incidents were eliminated at each of these companies. Towing can be considered a critical task and I believe our operations are very confident with the reliability of the Ditch Hitch and its ability to help them conduct safe towing operations.

I have used this product personally over the years as well and believe it to be the safest towing alternative on the market today. Each one of my family members carries Ditch Hitch in their vehicle as well.
The Ditch Hitch is a safe, reliable towing alternative and as a Manager within Birchcliff Energy, I fully endorse this product.
Please feel free to contact me at 403-827-4851 if you have any questions regarding the Ditch Hitch. I would be more than happy to discuss our success with this product.

Birchcliff Energy Ltd., Alan Fritz

My name is Keith Mulligan, and I work in the Bakken oilfield here in south western Manitoba as
an HSE manager for EOG resources. When I started in the area 2+ years ago, the need for a safe and reliable vehicle extrication method became very clear as we were having members of our operations team becoming stuck on a daily basis. Many of our lease roads are nothing more than dirt, as this is a farming community, and this rich soil turns into a sticky mire when we get a rainfall, and it rains nearly every day.
I purchased a number of your units after hearing about them from a colleague in Alberta, and I
am extremely happy with the level of safety and protection for our vehicles that they provide. I
showed the videos from your website to our operations team, and issued them each a kit, and a safety checklist to fill in every time the unit is used. To date, we have had no injuries, product failure, or equipment damage in an estimated 400 recovery operations.
The tow kits have become an integral part of our daily operations here, and are now included in our monthly truck inventory checklist. Many of our operators consider their kits part of their
required PPE, and even take them on hunting and vacation trips. Your product is now ingrained into their daily lives, and has been a positive aspect for our business here.
I would like to commend you for producing such a reliable and well thought out safety product.
It has, without a doubt, saved lives, and improved our daily situation out here. I also understand that you now offer a wider range of engineered tow systems for both lighter and heavier equipment, and I anticipate we will be placing an order for them as we utilize quads, side-by-side units, and snowmobiles.
I encourage you to continue with your research and development on this fine product, and look forward to hearing about all the new breakthroughs. I, and all our operators and families, thank you.
Congratulations on such a fine product….it makes a difference out here…

EOG Resources, Keith Mulligan

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